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Pokémon battle

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When a Pokémon [[Fainting|faints]] in battle, it may cause its opponent to gain [[experience]] or [[effort values]]. After all of either side's Pokémon have been defeated, the battle has been won, and the loser must pay out some amount of money to the winner, determined based on the level of the Pokémon and {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class|type of Trainer}} defeated. In the core series games, if the player's Pokémon have all been defeated, he or she will [[black out]] (in [[Generation I]] and since [[Generation IV]]) or white out (in [[Generation II]] and [[Generation III]]), and be teleported back to the most recent [[Pokémon Center]] that was visited, or to his or her home, if a Pokémon Center has not yet been visited.
Some battles, most notably link battles foughtor between two players orbattles in certain [[Battle facility|battle facilities]], will not affect the participating Pokémon's experience, EVs, or [[friendship]]. The battle's outcome will not cause money to be awarded to or deducted from participating trainers. Pokémon seen during these battles will not be registered in the [[Pokédex]]. Usually, [[bag]] [[item]]s are not allowed in these battles, and all Pokémon and [[held item]]s are restored after each battle.
==Battle variants==
There are several variants onor formats of a standard Pokémonsingle battle, in which one Pokémon is sent out against an opponent's Pokémon. These differences are mostly in the number of {{pkmn|Trainer}}s and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} involved in the battle at one time, but battles can also differ due to a set of specific rules or banned Pokémon.
===Full Battle===
Double Battles were introduced in the anime ''very'' early, first appearing in [[EP003|the third episode]] where {{an|Misty}} declared them to be breaking Pokémon League rules. Despite this, {{TRT}} has battled Ash in nearly every episode since in a Double Battle, sending out two Pokémon at once. Later, Ash himself competed in a Double Battle for the {{badge|Jade Star}} in ''[[EP108|Pokémon Double Trouble]]''. After the release of Ruby and Sapphire, Double Battles were seen in the anime more often. The first took place in ''[[AG014|All in a Day's Wurmple]]''. [[Forrester Franklin]] introduced the concept to Ash and they had a battle that Ash won. As in the games, Ash's Gym Battle against [[Tate and Liza]] was a Double Battle. The Double Battle style has been used in [[Pokémon Contest]]s; specifically in [[Grand Festival]] tournaments and competitions following the [[Double Performance]] format.
===Video Game Championships===
[[File:Pokémon World Championships logo.png|thumb|110px|Logo]]
{{main|World Championships}}
Video Game Championships, or VGC, is used in the World Championships and is a popular format in link battles. It was introduced {{v2|Platinum}} in 2009. The specific rules and banned Pokémon vary from year to year. Usually, they are double battles, use the newest Pokémon games, require each player to use four Pokémon, and ban [[mythical Pokémon]].
===Multi Battle===

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