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The episode begins asAfter a {{p|Fletchling}} flies into a house., Aa woman, [[Grace (Kalos)|Grace]], asks Fletchling to wake her daughter {{an|Serena}} up after she failed the first time. Fletchling obediently flies up to Serena's bedroom and {{m|peck}}s Grace's daughter awake, much to Serena's annoyance. Despite the prospect of training with {{p|Rhyhorn}} later for Rhyhorn racing, Serena feels today will be interesting.
Meanwhile, {{Ash}} arrives in the [[Kalos]] region on a plane with [[Alexa]], anticipating a new adventure. As Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} leave the plane, Ash sees two {{p|Spritzee}} flying above and trips on the steps, landing heavily on the ground. Ash is dismayed to discover that Alexa's [[Viola|sister's]] Gym is not in [[Lumiose City]], but is in [[Santalune City]] instead. While Alexa makes a phone call to her sister, Ash decides to look around for new Pokémon, when suddenly {{p|Blaziken|a mysterious Pokémon}} appears on the top of the airport traffic control tower and jumps over Ash's head. Ash heads to the lobby and runs to Alexa's {{p|Helioptile}}, telling Alexa about the amazing Pokémon he saw, to which Alexa promises that he will soon see many more amazing Pokémon. Although Alexa's sister is still away from the Santalune Gym, Alexa cheers Ash up by suggesting that he challenge the Gym in Lumiose City instead. Taking him to a map, she explains that Lumiose Gym is housed inside [[Prism Tower]] which is in the centre of the city. Ash gets very excited, and Alexa then tells Ash they'll need to go their separate ways now. Ash thanks her for all her help recently, and Alexa in turn thanks him for the fun they've had on their recent travels together. With that, Ash departs and Alexa comments on his energy and wishes him luck in his new adventure.

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