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Gary Oak

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In the anime
=====[[Original series]]=====
[[File:Younger Gary Oak.png|thumb|left|220px|Young Gary]]
Gary made his debut appearance in ''[[EP001|Pokémon - I Choose You!]]'', where he went to [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] along with two other [[Pokémon Trainer]]s before {{Ash}} did. After choosing his [[starter Pokémon]], he left [[Pallet Town]] with his {{TP|Gary|cheerleaders}} on a sporty red convertible.
In ''[[EP074|All Fired Up!]]'', Gary met up with Ash in the Pokémon League in [[Indigo Plateau]]. He departed the area after claiming he would get ''Loseritis''. The next day, he was seen in the stadium with the other Trainers and Ash. Gary did not stay that long as his opponent, [[Melissa]], defeated his Nidoking using her Golem, which eliminated him from the Pokémon League. Following the loss, he left on another journey.
======Orange Islands======
Gary eventually returned from that journey in ''[[EP115|A Tent Situation]]''. Much unlike his former self, he congratulated Ash on his victory in the [[Orange League]]. Ash challenged him to a battle in the [[EP116|next episode]] with {{AP|Pikachu}} as his choice. Gary in turn used his {{TP|Gary|Eevee}}. Gary managed to defeat Ash and then left on his journey through [[Johto]].
Ash and his friends encountered Gary on their way to [[Violet City]] in ''[[EP121|Illusion Confusion!]]''. Gary recommended they find themselves a {{p|Hoothoot}} to avoid becoming lost in the particularly disorientating forest before leaving to continue catching more Pokémon.
====={{series|Advanced Generation}}=====
Gary appears in a flashback to Ash's childhood in ''[[AG086|Lights, Camerupt, Action!]]'' which takes place a few years before the anime begins.
In ''[[HS15|Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!]]'', Gary was revealed to be working on [[Sayda Island]] as a [[Fossil]] researcher with [[Dora]], head of the Sayda Lab. There, he revived an {{p|Aerodactyl}} from an [[Old Amber]]. At first the Aerodactyl was afraid of him and every other person on the island, but Gary soon gained its trust after he fed it some fruit that Aerodactyl used to eat. Afterwards, Dora announced that Gary could now work full-time at the Sayda Lab.
======Kanto Battle Frontier======
Eventually, he moved to the [[Sinnoh]] region where he is currently conducting his research. He sent a postcard to Ash from there in ''[[AG187|The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!]]'', which motivated Ash to not to get himself down after a loss and keep fighting, much like he did during their rivalry.

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