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* [[Dawn's Pachirisu]] used {{m|Discharge}}, despite the four Pokémon it was up against ({{p|Rhyhorn}}, {{p|Nidoking}}, {{p|Graveler}} and {{p|Golem}}) being part {{type|Ground}}, and therefore immune to {{t|Electric}} attacks. This is an example of [[anime physics]].
* [[Jessie]] makes the comment that Team Rocket should "Climb every mountain. Ford every stream." This phrase is from ''{{wp|The Sound of Music}}''.
* Music from ''[[M04|Pokémon 4Ever]]'', ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]'', ''[[M09M08|Pokémon RangerLucario and the TempleMystery of the SeaMew]]'' and ''[[M08M09|LucarioPokémon Ranger and the MysteryTemple of Mewthe Sea]]'' is used as background music.
* This episode marks one of the extremely rare instances that Ash ever intentionally hurts a Pokémon, as he kicks [[J]]'s {{p|Drapion}} in the face in order to escape from its claws.



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