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Slowbro (Pokémon)

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* Mega Slowbro is tied with {{p|Cloyster}} for the highest base {{stat|Defense}} stat of all {{type|Water}} Pokémon.
** Mega Slowbro has the highest base {{stat|Defense}} stat of all {{type|Psychic}} Pokémon.
* Slowbro's Pokédex entries state that if the Shellder is removed, it will revert to its Slowpoke form. Despite this, there is no way for this to occur in the [[core series]].
* Many Pokémon are noted to evolve by two or more Pokémon combining, such as {{p|Metang}} being formed by two {{p|Beldum}}. However, the {{pkmn|anime}} does not show this and simply spawns the second Pokémon out of nowhere: an example is [[Morrison's Metang|Morrison's Beldum]], which simply evolved into Metang without the need of joining to another Beldum. The evolution of Slowpoke into Slowbro or {{p|Slowking}} is the only time that evolution by two Pokémon physically merging is shown.
* Slowbro is the only Pokémon to have both a [[Mega Evolution]] and a [[regional form]].

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