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Generation I

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* As far as release dates go, Generation I is the shortest generation in North America, partly due to the fact that Red and Blue were not released until 1998, while in Japan, they were released in 1996, and their successors, Gold and Silver, were released closer together, in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in North America. As the rest of the world's releases are more similar to the North American releases than the Japanese releases, it is also the shortest generation worldwide<!--but don't take my word for it; do the calculations yourself!-->.
* Due to being the first and least advanced generation, Generation I has the highest number of [[glitch Pokémon]] which are known to be obtainable without the use of an external device.
* Prior to [[Generation VI]], Generation I had the most extra space in the Pokémon Storage System if the player captures one of each Pokémon, with 240 spots available for 151 Pokémon, therefore leaving 89 extra spots.
* Generation I is the only generation not to feature the paired versions' mascots on the title screens, but instead includes the first evolutionary stages of two starter Pokémon.
* Generation I is the only generation without:

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