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Normal (type)

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* {{t|Ghost}} and Normal are the only case of two types being immune against each other.
* No Pokémon gains the Normal type upon evolving. It shares this distinction with the {{t|Bug}} type.
* Pure Normal is the [[List of type combinations by abundance|most abundant]] typingtype combination overall, while Normal/{{t|Flying}} is the most abundant dual-type combination.
** Prior to [[Generation IV]], all dual-typed Normal Pokémon were Normal/Flying, except for {{p|Girafarig}}.
* [[Generation VI]] added the most new type combinations for Normal, the most dual-typed Normal Pokémon (if Pokémon retyped as Normal/Fairy are counted), the first dual-typed Pokémon with Normal as a secondary typingtype, and the fewest Normal/Flying-type Pokémon (with only {{p|Fletchling|one}}) of any generation that introduced Pokémon with that type combination; [[Generation VIII]] did not introduce any.
* Normal has the highest amount of unused type combinations, with six. It has not been paired with {{t|Bug}}, {{t|Ghost}}, {{t|Ice}}, {{t|Poison}}, {{t|Rock}}, or {{t|Steel}}.
* Normal is the only type to have ever lost Pokémon, having lost Clefairy, Clefable, {{p|Cleffa}}, {{p|Togepi}}, {{p|Togetic}}, {{p|Snubbull}}, {{p|Granbull}}, and {{p|Togekiss}} when the Fairy type was introduced in [[Generation VI]].

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