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Fairy (type)

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* More Pokémon were changed to Fairy than either of the other types added since [[Generation I]] (the other two being {{t|Dark}} and {{t|Steel}} in [[Generation II]]), with 22. Also, more moves were changed to Fairy, with three. All three of them were [[Statusstatus move]]s introduced in [[Generation II]] and were previously {{type|Normal}}.
** It is also the only one out of the three types to completely change the types of Pokémon from previous generations, changing several previously pure Normal-type Pokémon, such as {{p|Snubbull}}, to pure Fairy.
* The Fairy type is the only type without any [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|Pokémon with gender differences]].
* The Fairy-type is one of the two types that {{m|Hidden Power}} cannot become, the other being the {{type|Normal}}.
** This, combined with the lack of any Fairy-type moves in {{p|Kecleon}}'s and {{p|Greninja}}'s movesets, prevents all Pokémon that naturally have {{a|Protean}} from becoming Fairy-type using it (although Kecleon can become Fairy-type with its other Ability, {{a|Color Change}}).
* The Fairy type has the fewest [[physical move]]s of all types, at 2two.
* The Fairy type is the only type to have a [[Gem]] that has [[List of unobtainable items#Fairy Gem|never been officially released]].
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