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Professor Oak

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In spin-off games: +Play It series
===In the Pokémon Trading Card Game series===
In {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} and [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]], the {{OBP|Professor Oak|Base Set 88}} and the {{OBP|Imposter Professor Oak|Base Set 73}} cards are available. The latter game also includes the {{OBP|Imposter Oak's Revenge|Team Rocket 76}} card.
===Play It! series===
In [[Pokémon Play It!]] and [[Pokémon Play It! Version 2]], the player is able to receive two certificates signed by Professor Oak; each certificate is awarded for answering a separate set of 10 questions correctly.
Additionally, if the player opens the "Learn" menu from the first game, or the "Help" menu from the second game, and then chooses the option "The playing field", {{OBP|Julie|Pokémon Play It!}} says that she is in the middle of a game with Professor Oak but he had to leave.

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