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* {{p|Xatu}} {{tt|Description|By}} - Xatu will tell you what's in your [[treasure box]]—for a price.
* {{p|Kecleon}} - As in previous Mystery Dungeon series, they run two shops, one for consumables, one for [[Wonder Orb]]s and [[TM]]s.
* {{p|Duskull}} - Operates the Duskull Bank, where the player can store their extra cash, replacing the [[Felicity Bank]] run by [[{{p|Persian]]}}.
* {{p|Electivire}} - Electivire will [[Linked move|link moves]] and allow the player to relearn forgotten moves, taking the place of [[Gulpin]].
* {{p|Chansey}} {{tt|Description|By}} - Chansey runs the Day Care, and she is happy to take care of your Egg until it hatches!

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