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Ash Ketchum

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Pokémon competitions
* [[Charjabug race|Charjabug race Koko Cup]] - Winner (with {{an|Sophocles}} and {{an|Kiawe}}; ''[[SM041|Mounting an Electrifying Charge!]]'')
* [[Pokémon Sled Jump Games]] - Unknown (''[[SM060|Getting a Jump on the Competition!]]'')
* [[Kantonian Gym]] Challenge - Winner (''[[SM118|Aiming for the Top Floor!]]'')
* [[Manalo Conference]] Exhibition Match - Winner (''[[SM144|From Z to Shining Z!]]'')
* [[Battle Frontier Flute Cup]] - Winner ([[SS007]])
* [[Pokémon Drift Ice Race]] - {{tt|N/A|Race cancelled}} ([[SS008]])
===Voice actors===

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