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Shiny Pokémon

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Pokémon Colosseum
In {{g|Colosseum}}, non-Shadow Pokémon obtained in the game (such as the player's starter {{p|Espeon}} or {{p|Umbreon}} and [[Duking]]'s {{p|Plusle}}) are ensured to be unable to be Shiny.
There is a 1/8192no chance{{tt|*|When a Shadow Pokémon is first generated its PID is compared to the TID/SID of the AI trainer, the game will not allow it to be generated as a shiny Pokémon. However, in a rebattle this is not the case as the PID is static.}} of a [[Shadow Pokémon]] being Shiny when it is encountered for the first time, but whenif ait Shinyis Shadowencountered Pokémonagain isin captureda rebattle it ishas highlya improbable1/8192 thatchance of being shiny, this shinyness would be rerolled when the Shadow Pokémon willis remain Shinycaptured. Conversely, when an ordinary Shadow Pokémon is captured, there is still the 1/8192 chance of that Pokémon becoming Shiny when it is sent to the player's party or the [[Pokémon Storage System]]. Shininess is retained through [[purification]].
In Pokémon Colosseum, the color of a Shiny Pokémon can differ drastically from the handheld games.
====Pokémon Rumble U====
Shiny Pokémon return to the [[Pokémon Rumble series]] in [[Pokémon Rumble U]] andthough functionare similarlyonly toobtainable howthrough theythe diduse inof thepasswords originalor Pokémonthe NFC Rumble. U Figures
===Pokémon Conquest===

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