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Becoming cured
===Becoming cured===
A Pokérus infection only progresses towards cured status when a new day starts with the infected Pokémon in the party (or if, when the game is loaded, it is not the same day as it was when the game was saved). The number of days before a Pokémon will be cured of the Pokérus can vary from one to four days. Once this time has passed, the Pokémon becomes cured and will be immune to the virus in the future. The Pokémon still gains double effort values when cured.
Due to the beneficial nature of the Pokérus, players will often place an infected Pokémon in the [[PC]] where it will keep the infection indefinitely, so that it may be withdrawn to spread the virus at will. Other options include putting a Pokémon in the {{pkmn|Day Care}} or sending it to {{pkmn|Stadium 2}} in [[Generation II]], {{g|Box Ruby & Sapphire}} in [[Generation III]], [[My Pokémon Ranch]] in [[Generation IV]], or [[Pokémon Bank]] in [[Generation VI]].

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