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Professor Oak's Laboratory

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|location_name=Professor Oak's Laboratory
|translated_name=Okido Research Institute
|location=[[Pallet Town]]
|map=Kanto Pallet Town Map.png
'''Professor Oak's Laboratory''' (Japanese: '''オーキド{{tt|研究所|けんきゅうしょ}}''' ''Okido Research Institute''), also called the '''Oak Pokémon Research Lab''' (Japanese: '''オーキド{{tt|博士|はかせ}}のポケモン{{tt|研究所|けんきゅうしょ}}''' ''Dr.Professor OkidoOak's Pokémon Research InstituteLab''), is a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} lab located in [[Pallet Town]] that is directed by [[Professor Oak|Professor Samuel Oak]]. Its functions are to research Pokémon, unravel the mysteries of these creatures, and study their characteristics and behavior in a natural environment. Another important job is to take care of the Pokémon that belong to [[Pallet Town]]'s {{pkmn|Trainer}}s.
The lab has many different environments for the correct development of all kinds of Pokémon. There are areas of grass, sand, rocks and lakes to promote good interaction between the different [[type]]s of creatures. The laboratory has the technology to keep Pokémon healthy, and to make the largest scientific investigations in the country.
* In [[Generation I]] games, there is a moment when it is possible to stop the game. This happens if the player holds the A button after choosing the their starter, which will stop {{ga|Blue}} from choosing his own starter until the player releases the button. This happens in all Generation I games, but is easier to perform in {{v2|Yellow}}. <ref>[ ""Freeze" the game in Oak's Lab", discovered and uploaded by LanceAndMissingNo.]</ref>
* If the player's Pokémon takes damage in his/her first battle against their rival in {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, their Pokémon will be healed after the battle.
* Professor Oak's lab's iconic theme is not played in [[Generation IV]], with the background music instead being Pallet Town's theme. The only way to hear the lab theme is to listen to the [[Pokégear]] radio.

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