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Pokémon battle

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In the anime
[[File:Dawn Conway shaking hands.png|thumb|left|220px|{{an|Dawn}} and [[Conway]] shaking hands after a battle]]
Unlike the games, there will often be a referee who determines whether or not a Pokémon is able to continue the match, as there is not theno strictly-programmed {{stat|HP}} limit. This [[Battle judge|referee]] will sometimes be a [[Pokémon League]] official, especially in matches conducted in the various [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, though informal battles can be conducted with either no referee at all or with a knowledgeable person serving as the referee. {{an|Brock}} and {{an|Cilan}} have served as the referee for many of the informal matches between {{Ash}} and the various people he has met along his journey.
Battles in the anime often feature a limit to the amount of Pokémon that can be used: Trainers rarely are allowed to use their full [[party]] of six, and must instead choose which members they will use. Most [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Frontier Brain]]s will not [[Recall|switch]] their Pokémon when challenged, as well, but will allow the challenger to do so.

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