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Exeggutor Island

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In the manga
Exeggutor Island first appeared in [[PASM30]], where the [[Trial Captain]]s, [[Island Kahuna]]s, and [[Aether Foundation]] were revealed to have formed a front line base there after [[Lusamine]] and her [[Ultra Beast]]s had taken over [[Poni Island]]. When [[Mina]] discovered [[Guzma]] injured on Poni Island, he was brought to the base to be treated.
LaterIn [[PASM32]], after the Trial Captains had finished up their {{pkmn|training}} on the island and left, [[Hau]] arrived there to train with his grandfather [[Hala]]. Hala had previously refused to train with Hau due to him not possessing a [[Z-Ring]] yet, but Hau revealed that he had managed to obtain a [[Sparkling Stone]] during his training, with [[Olivia]] having converted it into a Z-Ring afterwards. Seeing this, Hala agreed to start training with his grandson.

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