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The next day, the final battle between Iris and Ash commences, as does the Connoisseur Showdown between Burgundy and Cilan. Ash sends {{AP|Pikachu}} into battle while Iris decides to use her {{TP|Iris|Excadrill}}. Ash starts the battle with Pikachu using {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which naturally has no effect on a part {{type|Ground}} like Excadrill. Iris then tells Excadrill to use {{m|Drill Run}}. Ash cleverly commands Pikachu to use {{m|Quick Attack}} which helps it dodge the attack. However, Iris's Excadrill grabs Pikachu's tail between its claws and thrusts Pikachu across the arena, and then slams it using {{m|Metal Claw}}. However, Pikachu manages to flip around and get back on its feet. Cilan and Burgundy continue to comment about Ash's and Iris's battle as Luke and Bianca film.
Ash's Pikachu uses {{m|Iron Tail}} while Excadrill uses another Metal Claw. The two dive towards each other but Pikachu dodges the opposing Pokémon's attack and slams Excadrill to the ground. Iris follows up with {{m|Focus Blast}} while Pikachu charges up {{m|Electro Ball}}. The two attacks collide into an electric light explosion. Burgundy comments on the explosive power between Pikachu and Excadrill, and Cilan responds in agreement and confidence in the two Pokémon's power. Burgundy realizes Cilan's choice of words shows far more experience than her own, and Cilan politely offers to end the showdown, which Burgundy accepts and the two continue watching the battle in silence. Iris's Pokémon drills into the ground and attacks Pikachu. Ash suddenly tells Pikachu to keep spinning and it uses the momentum to land a powerful Iron Tail into Excadrill's face. Despite the powerful attack, Excadrill still stands. It uses Drill Run while Ash tells Pikachu to use another Iron Tail. However, right before Pikachu can execute its attack, the opposing Pokémon rams into Pikachu, making it fall to the ground. Pikachu still manages to stand as Excadrill digs into the ground but misses Pikachu when it rises up. Iris then commands it to use Focus Blast which lands directly into Pikachu, causing it to fly backward and smash against the wall, also making Pikachu faint. With that final attack, the judge proclaims Iris the winner of the Club Battle Tournament. The crowd cheers for Iris and she is gifted a display case of [[WingFeather|wings]]s. She stands in the center of the stadium with her two Pokémon, Axew and Excadrill. At the end of the episode, Ash, Iris, and Cilan bid farewell to their friends as they all go their separate ways.
==Major events==
* {{an|Iris}} defeats [[Luke]] and advances to the final round.
* The [[Team Rocket trio]] prepares to begin their latest plan.
* Iris defeats Ash and wins the [[Club Battle]], earning a set of [[wingfeather|wings]]s as a reward.
* Luke leaves the group.



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