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Too many mistakes and fake information
Indeedee varies wider by gender than Meowstic, with Male and Female Indeedee having slighty different base stats. Male Indeedee have more {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Special Attack}}, and {{stat|Speed}}, while female Indeedee have more {{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special Defense}}, and {{stat|HP}}. While bothmale genderslearns offrom Indeedee[[TM]]s are more suited towards support roles with access to manyand [[status moveTR]]s moves {{m|Power Swap}}, Male{{m|Trick IndeedeeRoom}}, have{{m|Magic exclusiveRoom}}, access{{m|Wonder toRoom}}, moves{{m|Tri suchAttack}}, asand {{m|Encore}}, the [[Eggfemale Move]]learns {{m|FakeLight OutScreen}}, that{{m|Reflect}}, hinder{{m|Safeguard}}, the{{m|Guard opponentSwap}}, whileand female{{m|Baton IndeedeePass}}, havealso moretheir optionsbreed suitedmoves towardsdiffer, aiding{{m|Extrasensory}} alliesis inexclusive [[Doubleto Battle]]s,males suchand as{{m|Psycho Shift}} and {{m|FollowHeal MePulse}} are exclusive to females.
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| style="text-align:right; background:#{{Normal color dark}}" | {{color|{{Normal color light}}|5}}
| colspan="2" style="background:#{{normal color light}}" | ''{{mcolor|Encore|{{normal color dark}}}}''
| style="background:#{{normal color light}}" | ''{{mcolor|Baton Pass|{{normal color dark}}}}''
| style="text-align:right; background:#{{Normal color dark}}" | {{color|{{Normal color light}}|10}}
| style="text-align:right; background:#{{Normal color dark}}" | {{color|{{Normal color light}}|55}}
| style="background:#{{normal color light}}" | '''{{mcolor|Last Resort|{{normal color dark}}}}'''
| style="background:#{{normalpsychic color light}}" | ''{{mcolor|Healing Wish|{{normalpsychic color dark}}}}''
| colspan="3" style="background:#{{Normal color dark}}; color:#{{Normal color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}"| <small>Moves in '''bold''' are {{color2|{{Normal color light}}|Same-type attack bonus|STAB}}. Moves in ''italics'' do no damage.</small>

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