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Parasect (Pokémon)

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{{Bulbanews|On the Origin of Species: Paras and Parasect}}
The fungus on Parasect ismay identifiedbe asbased [[tochukaso]],on ana {{wp|Parasitoid|endoparasitoidhermit crab}} thatwith replacesa the{{wp|mushroom}} hostfor tissuea andshell. canIt affectalso thelooks behaviorlike of itsa {{wp|insectcicada}} host{{wp|Nymph (biology)|nymph}}. The basefungus insecton its back is arefered deformedas versionthe of[[tochukaso]], whatwhich is probablyalso the japanese name of a real organism, the {{wp|cicadaOphiocordyceps sinensis}}, an {{wp|Nymph (biology)Parasitoid|nymphendoparasitoid}}, that replaces the parasitichost fungitissue havingand causedcan aaffect formthe behavior of its {{wp|neotenyinsect}} host.
====Name origin====
Parasect may be a combination of ''{{wp|parasite}}'' (referring to the [[tochukaso]] {{wp|mushroom}}) and ''{{wp|insect}}'' or ''sect'' (Latin for ''cut'').
==In other languages==

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