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Rotom Pokédex

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Trivia: Rotom Phone does too
* The Rotom Pokédex is the onlyfirst Pokédex without the ability to view information about all Pokémon known as of that time ([[Generation VII]]), as it lacks information on the 403 Pokémon not in the Alola Pokédex and cannot receive a National Dex upgrade by any means.
* Despite being a Rotom, the Rotom Pokédex is unable to view information about Rotom.
* In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], [[Samson Oak]] mentions that the Rotom Pokédex was at least partially invented by a "young fellow from [[Kalos]]", which could be referring to [[Clemont]]. This is further supported by the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}, wherein Professor Kukui reveals that the Rotom Pokédex was developed by "Kalos's famous genius inventor".

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