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Sharpedo (Pokémon)

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* Sharpedo's evolutionary line may be considered a counterpart of {{p|Camerupt}}'s evolutionary line. Both of them are dual-type Pokémon, both lines have identical base stat totals per evolutionary stage, both of their final evolutions are used by [[Team Aqua]] Leader [[Archie]] and [[Team Magma]] Leader [[Maxie]], respectively, and both of their final evolutions can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]].
* Sharpedo's Pokédex entry for Moon states "It has a sad history. In the past, its dorsal fin was a treasured foodstuff, so this Pokémon became a victim of overfishing." This is likely a reference to {{wp|shark finning}} in the real world, where wild sharks are caught, have their fins cut off, and the still alive shark is thrown back in the water to die. Because of the practice, many species of sharks around the world are listed as threatened or endangered by the IUCN.
* Sharpedo and Carvanha are the only {{type|Dark}} Pokémon to [[List of Pokémon by body style|have a piscine body]].

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