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Trivia: The entire TM list got overhauled in Gen VIII, so while all of the mentioned mainstays are still either TMs or TRs, they now have different numbers.
* [[Gym Leader]]s who give out a TM on their defeat typically give out one containing a move of their [[Type expert|specialty type]]. However, in their respective first generation of an appearance each, [[Brock]] and [[Falkner]] do not, giving out {{TM|34|Bide}} (a {{type|Normal}} move) and {{TM|31|Mud-Slap}} (a {{type|Ground}} move), respectively. This is rectified in the [[remake]]s of their debut games with Brock giving away {{TM|39|Rock Tomb}} while Falkner's prize is {{TM|51|Roost}}. Likewise, [[Cilan]], [[Chili]], and [[Cress]] do not give out TMs matching their specialty type, instead giving out the {{type|Normal}} {{TM|83|Work Up}}, regardless of which of the three is battled.
** Prior to Generation III, TMs given out by the starting region's Gym Leaders teach moves that no Pokémon learns naturally. There is one exception: in {{game|Yellow}}, {{p|Pikachu}} learns {{m|Thunderbolt}} in place of {{m|Swift}}.
* TMs {{m|Toxic|06}}, {{m|Blizzard|14}}, {{m|Hyper Beam|15}}, {{m|Solar Beam|22}}, {{m|Thunder|25}}, {{m|Earthquake|26}}, {{m|Psychic|29}}, {{m|Double Team|32}}, {{m|Fire Blast|38}}, and {{m|Rest|44}} have contained the same move in all of the first seven generations.
* Generation IV is the first generation in which there is at least one TM that teaches a move of each Pokémon type.
** Generation I had no TMs for {{t|Bug}}- or {{type|Ghost}} moves, Generation II had none for {{t|Flying}}, and Generation III had none for {{t|Bug}}.

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