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Black (Adventures)

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In [[PS544]], White was taken into the Light Stone after Kyurem reverted Zekrom into the Dark Stone, trapping N inside with it. White and N arrived at the [[Pokémon Dream World]], where they reunited with Black. After Kyurem absorbed Zekrom to become {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Kyurem|Black Kyurem}}, N decided to fight it from the inside with Zekrom while Black and White headed outside to face Kyurem directly. Black and White teamed up to attack Kyurem, but their assault was cut short when N was ejected from the Dark Stone. With his opponents distracted, Ghetsis had Kyurem launch an attack before escaping. While they searched for Ghetsis, Black and White found {{adv|Blake}} and {{adv|Whitley}} on a nearby beach. The four Unova Pokédex holders introduced themselves and decided to stop Team Plasma together. After tracking Kyurem's whereabouts to the [[Giant Chasm]] with Musha's help, Black and the others rode on Reshiram's back to chase after Ghetsis.
In [[PS546]], the group arrived at the Giant Chasm. There, they encountered Iris, who revealed she managed to succeed Alder as the {{pkmn|Champion}} of Unova, and Gorm, who had betrayed Team Plasma to join the side of good. Tired of waiting for the heroes, Colress revealed himself and told Kyurem to freeze the surrounding area. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, [[Rood]] appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the [[Colress Machine]]'s effect. With Team Plasma's influence on it severed, Kyurem began rampaging, first releasing the Dark Stone before absorbing Reshiram to become White Kyurem. Frustrated at his machine's defeat, Colress threw the device away and fled, revealing he decided to quit Team Plasma. While Black, White, and Iris fought Kyurem, Blake chased after Colress while Whitley went to the Plasma Frigate to rescue N, who was held captive aboard the vessel.
|desc=Black captured '''{{p|Carracosta|Costa}}''' (Japanese: '''ゴーラ''' ''Goura'') in Nimbasa City when he was teaching White how to capture Pokémon. According to [[Marshal]], Costa belonged to him but he released Costa the day before Black caught him because he was stubborn and would not listen to him. Due to him not being used to battling, Costa would not listen to any of Black's commands but eventually became friendly after a Gym battle with [[Clay]]. In Black's Gym battle against [[Brycen]] in ''[[PS505|A Cold Reception]]'', Costa evolved into a Carracosta and managed to defeat his {{p|Beartic}}, giving Black the win. As of ''[[PS521|The Power of Dreams]]'', he is level 45, has a Calm [[nature]], and his [[Characteristic]] is "thoroughly cunning."}}

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