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As Ilima seems to have Guzma backed into a corner, he orders another Power-Up Punch, but Guzma orders Scizor to dodge backwards, avoiding the child's punch. As the mother prepares to attack, she suddenly hesitates, and Guzma takes the opportunity to have Scizor use {{m|X-Scissor}} on her. As the Kangaskhan pair attacks again, Scizor once again dodges to a specific direction, avoiding the child's attack and causing the mother to hesitate, leaving her open for another X-Scissor. {{an|Sophocles}} wonders why Scizor's attacks suddenly started hitting, and {{an|Kiawe}} explains that Scizor is now constantly seeking a position where it has both of its opponents in a straight line. With the child in the way, the mother will hesitate to attack in fear of hurting her offspring, giving Scizor a chance to attack her. With the tide of the battle turned, Kangaskhan is starting to get worn out, and Guzma orders one more X-Scissor to finish the job. Ilima tells Kangaskhan to dodge, but she's unable to out of exhaustion, and is struck down. As the child Kangaskhan reverts to its regular form and climbs back into its pouch, Hala declares Guzma the winner. In the stands, the Team Skull Grunts celebrate and Ilima's fan girls cry in disappointment, while Caster exclaims his surprise at the front runner getting defeated on the first round.
The third battle is between [[Hau]]'s {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Raichu}} and [[Samson Oak]]'s Alolan {{p|Exeggutor}}. With its superior {{stat|Speed}}, Raichu is easily able to keep ahead of its opponent. Hau orders a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but Exeggutor easily endures the attack. Samson has Exeggutor counterattack with {{m|Dragon Hammer}}, but Raichu dodges it with {{m|Quick Attack}}, before using {{m|Focus Blast}}, causing the tall Pokémon to topple down in defeat. In the stands, Hala looks proudly at his grandson as [[Olivia]] declares Hau the winner.
[[File:SM130 Lana VS Mallow.png|thumb|left|250px|Lana facing Mallow]]
As {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Mallow}} walk towards the battlefield, Mallow expresses her nervousness, but Lana encourages her, telling her to treat it as any other match. Arriving at the battlefield, they take their positions and send out their Pokémon: {{TP|Lana|Primarina}} and {{TP|Mallow|Tsareena}}. From the stands, Ash and the rest of his classmates wish both of them luck. Olivia starts the battle, and Mallow makes the first move by ordering a {{m|Magical Leaf}}. Lana counters with {{m|Sparkling Aria}}, which not only stops Mallow's attack, but also attacks Tsareena at the same time. Unable to dodge the attack completely, Tsareena is hit, taking the first blow of the battle. {{an|Lillie}} says that Tsareena, who mostly specializes in close-range combat, isn't easily going to get close enough, but Rotom says that if she ''does'' get close enough, she will win.
* [[Ilima]] is revealed to own a {{p|Kangaskhan}}, a [[Kangaskhanite]], and a [[Key Stone]].
* [[Guzma]] defeats Ilima, advancing to the second round.
* [[Samson Oak]] is revealed to own an {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Exeggutor}}.
* [[Hau]] defeats Samson Oak, advancing to the second round.
* [[Lana's Primarina]] is revealed to have learned {{m|Icy Wind}}.
* {{p|Primarina}} ({{OP|Lana|Primarina}})
* {{p|Eevee}} ({{an|Lana}}'s; [[Sandy]])
* {{p|Marowak}} ({{OP|Kiawe|Marowak}}; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Vulpix}} ({{an|Lillie}}'s; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}}; [[Snowy]])
* {{p|Togedemaru}} ({{OP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}})
* {{p|Bounsweet}} ({{OP|Mallow|Tsareena}}; flashback)
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Tsareena}}; flashback)
* {{p|Tsareena}} ({{OP|Mallow|Tsareena}})
* {{p|Exeggutor}} ([[Samson Oak]]'s; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Hypno}} ({{an|Faba}}'s)
* {{p|Eevee}} ([[Ilima]]'s)
* {{p|Kangaskhan}} ([[Ilima]]'s; [[Mega Evolution|Mega Kangaskhan]])
* {{p|Raichu}} ([[Hau]]'s; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Scizor}} ([[Guzma]]'s)
* {{p|Lickitung}} ([[Ulu]]'s)
* {{p|Persian}} ({{tc|Madame}}'s; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}}; Pershie; flashback)
* {{p|Raticate}} (Trainer's; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Rattata}} (Trainer's; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Salandit}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Torchic}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Bagon}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Sandygast}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Diglett}} (Trainer's; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Wigglytuff}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Sandshrew}} (Trainer's; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}})
* {{p|Oshawott}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|Dedenne}} (Trainer's)

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