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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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Aesthetic changes: replaced: {{alo|Dugtrio}} → {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Dugtrio}}
* Trainers' models are now continuously animated when they lose.
* Trainers' models now have a lead-in animation for Double Battles before throwing their Poké Balls, instead of staying in place.
* Some locations feature visible wild Pokémon wandering in the background, such as {{p|Murkrow}} and {{p|Wingull}} on {{rt|1|Alola}}, {{p|Magmar}} on {{rt|7|Alola}}, {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Dugtrio}} in [[Diglett's Cave]], or {{p|Bewear}} at the end of [[Poni Gauntlet]].
* The Wild Pokémon battle theme has been remixed.
* The Trainer battle theme has been remixed for regular Trainers. Its original version is played while fighting against [[Trial Captain]]s.

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