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Pokémon Professor

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* [[Fennel]] of [[Striaton City]], [[Unova]], [[Professor Juniper]]'s friend who specializes in studying [[Pokémon Trainer]]s, as well as studying [[Pokémon Dream World|Pokémon dreams]].
* [[Cedric Juniper]] of the [[Unova]] region, Professor Juniper's father who used to be a Pokémon researcher. He studies Pokémon distribution and biology.
* [[Samson Oak]], [[Professor Oak]]'s cousin of the Alola region, who studies [[regional variantform]]s and [[Totem Pokémon]].
* Professor Andrew Park, who runs the [[Poké Transfer Lab]].
* [[Colress]], a researcher who studies Pokémon strength.
* {{an|Dr. Fuji}}, creator of {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}.
* [[Professor Westwood V]] of the [[Seafoam Islands]], [[Kanto]], a [[Pokédex]] programmer.
* [[Professor Ivy]] of the [[Orange Archipelago]], who studies the [[Regional variantform|regional differences]] between Pokémon.
* [[Gary Oak]] of [[Pallet Town]], [[Kanto]], a Pokémon researcher known to have researched [[Fossil]] Pokémon, successfully resurrecting a living {{p|Aerodactyl}} and researching the habitat of supposedly extinct {{p|Shieldon}}. He has also shown interest in the [[Legendary Pokémon]] of [[Sinnoh]].
* [[Dr. Gordon]] of [[Saffron City]], [[Kanto]], Pokémon inventions specialist.

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