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Pokéstar Studios opponents

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[[File:Spr 5b2 Prop.png|frame|Before visual effects have been applied]]
This is a list of '''opponents faced in [[Pokéstar Studios]]'''. They have similar traits as {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, as they have [[type]]s, {{Abilities}}, [[move]]sets, [[stats]], [[gender]]s, [[held item]]s, and [[cry|cries]]. During production, they appear as props either standing on the floor or suspended by wires from the ceiling (if the opponent is {{t|Flying}} or {{a|Levitate|Levitating}}). These Pokémon if even if you hack Black & White 2 to get these Pokémon even when in the box and sent to Pokémon Transporter these Pokémon will not be allowed to be transferred to Generation VI or an onward Generation or any Generation past Generation V they will be treated as hacked or glitched Pokémon. Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transporter detects
these event non-Catch-able Pokémon as hacked or glitched Pokémon so that's why they can't be transferred from any other Generation besides Generation V there data are treated as glitch Pokémon there data isn't in Generation VI either.
==List of opponents==

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