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{{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}
====={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}=====
Unlike in the anime, Misty has changed her hairstyle later on to match the one worn by her in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}. During the second Team Rocket crisis, {{DL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Suicune}} lured Misty into a battle underneath [[Tohjo Falls]] and later offered to be her partner. The recruitment somehow gave her strength and confidence, as she was able to easily defeat [[Whitney]] in her {{wp|exhibition game|exhibition match}} at the Indigo Plateau. However, she later becomes injured in the battle with the [[Masked Man]], and Suicune goes on to take {{adv|Crystal}} as its second partner for the battle's climax.
In ''[[PS180|The Last Battle XIV]]'', Misty decides to report to [[Erika]] via her [[Pokégear]]. Since Erika lent her Pokégear earlier to Red, Red ends up being the one who receives the call. Misty's feelings for Red couple with Yellow noticing that Red is talking to Misty creates an awkward tension in the air. Green, fully aware of the tension between them, smugly declares that the three should simply all live together, much to their embarrassment.
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