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Rotom Pokédex

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:''"Hau'oli's so big! Let'zzz have a walk around! You'll be doing the walking, of course, but..."''
* After recievingreceiving the Poké Finder
:''"Woo-hoo, I've got the Poké Finder now! I just love the feeling of having new featurezz added!"''
;Hau'oli City Shopping District
* After the recievingreceiving the Lens Case and Makeup Bag (if female) from Lillie
:''"Hau'oli City has so many different shops and facilitiezzz! Don't get lost, kid!"''
:''"Hey, look at that! That'zzz an amazing power!"''
* After recievingreceiving two Roto Boosts
:''"Roto Boost is a power that boosts the stats of your Pokémon! That'zzz an amazing power!"''
:''"Keep checking the splashing to chase down the Wishiwashi! But pleazzze don’t drop me!"''
* After reaching the Totem’sTotem's Den
:''"I hope you’re ready… It’s the Totem Pokémon!"''
;Route 7
* After the captain’scaptain's barricade is opened
:''"It’zzz a bit dark and spooky, but we need to go through the tunnel!"''
:''"Anyway, let’zzz explore Diglett’s Tunnel for now!"''
;Diglett’sDiglett's Tunnel
* After talking to [[Olivia]]
:''"If we get through this tunnel, we’ll be just steps away from [[Konikoni City]], {{tt|big boy|If the player is male}}/{{tt|clever girl|If the player is female}}! Zzzzp!"''
;Konikoni City
* After reading Olivia’sOlivia's note
:''"I’ve marked the [[Ruins of Life|Ruinzzz of Life]] on my map! I’d say we should do some shopping now. I don’t think there will be shopzzz out there!

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