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Ash's Pikachu

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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[DP160|A Marathon Rivalry!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in the Hurdle Dash event of a [[Pokéathlon]] held in [[Camellia Town]]. Pikachu and {{OBP|Daniel|DP160}}'s {{p|Snorlax}} quickly managed to take the lead, and after racing neck-to-neck with Snorlax, Snorlax's large belly passed the finish line first, giving Daniel the win.
In ''[[DP165|Flint Sparks the Fire!]]'', Pikachu was used in a battle against {{EF|Flint}}. He faced [[Flint's Infernape]], who had already defeated Ash's Buizel and his own Infernape. The two Pokémon were evenly matched in terms of strength and determination. After a hard-fought match in which both Pokémon took a number of hits, Pikachu was ultimately defeated, giving Flint the win.
In ''[[DP179|The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!]]'', Pikachu battled [[Volkner]]'s {{p|Electivire}}. Pikachu'sand Electricultimately attacksdefeated wereit rendereddespite ineffectivethe dueactivation toof Electivire's {{a|Motor Drive}} Ability, which increased its speed. However, subsequent attacks from Electivire activated Pikachu's Static, slowing Electivire down and allowing Pikachu to dodge its retaliatory attacks. As Electivire went for an {{m|Ice Punch}}, Pikachu managed to outrun the Thunderbolt Pokémon and defeat it with Iron Tail. PikachuHe was then recalled. Hebefore later wentgoing up against Volkern's {{p|Luxray}}. His Quick Attack was stopped by {{m|Shock Wave}}, knocking him back. Pikachu then launched three successful Iron Tails, but the fourthhe was countered by {{m|Thunder Fang}}, which overpowered Pikachu. He was theneventually knocked out by Luxray's Shock Wave.
InDuring the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], Ash used Pikachu as his first Pokémon in his battle against Paul in ''[[DP186|Familiarity Breeds Strategy!]]''. He was used against Paul's {{p|Aggron}}, but was eventually recalled in place of Infernape. [[DP187|Later]], Pikachu was used again, this time facing Paul's {{p|Froslass}}. Froslassand started off using {{m|Hail}}, which activated her {{a|Snow Cloak}} Ability, thus makingdefeating it hardbefore forbeing Pikachu to keep track of Froslass's movements. Despite this, Pikachu managed to hit Froslass with a super-effective Iron Tail, which caused the hail to disappear. Froslass then used Ice Beam, freezing Pikachu, but he managed to thaw the ice with Volt Tackle and knocked the Snow Land Pokémon out. He was thenrecalled once again recalled. During [[DP188|the continuation of their battle]], Ash sent Pikachu out to battle Paul's Electivire. Eventually, Pikachuwho thensoon wentknocked for Volt Tackle, but Electivire blocked the attack, activating its Motor Drive Ability in the process. It then went for a speedy Thunder Punch, but this was countered by Pikachu's Iron Tail. Both attacks proved to be equal in power, making Pikachu unable to move. This gave Electivire the opportunity to use Brick Break with its other arm, knocking Pikachuhim out.
In ''[[DP189|The Semi-Final Frontier!]]'', Pikachu was the last Pokémon chosen by Ash to battle {{si|Tobias}} in the semifinals of the Lily of the Valley Conference. Despite Ash losing five of his Pokémon, Pikachu tried his best to defeat Tobias's {{p|Latios}}. In the end, however, both he and Latios fainted. AsSince Pikachu was Ash's last Pokémon had fainted, Tobias was crowned the winner of their battle, placing Ash in the Top 4 of the Lily of the Valley Conference.
In ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'', Pikachu helped search for {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} when he ran away. Upon finding Piplup, both Pokémon broke down in tears since they had to say goodbye to each other soon. Team Rocket appeared, but Pikachu and Piplup managed to blast them off with a Volt Tackle and Hydro Pump combination. Later, Pikachu said goodbye to Dawn and Piplup before he, Ash, and Brock boarded a ship headed for [[Kanto]]. Upon arriving in Kanto, Pikachu and Ash bade farewell to Brock as well and the two continued on towards Pallet Town.
[[SM101|Later]], at Dia's base, Pikachu and Ash trained and soon convinced Dia and Zeraora to join them. Pikachu and Zeraora engaged in another battle, which attracted the attention of Guzzlord. After the {{an|Ultra Beasts|Ultra Beast}}'s arrival, the group lured it to the [[Ultra Wormhole]] that it had emerged from in the past. After trapping Guzzlord with Electroweb, Pikachu and Zeraora attacked the immobilized Ultra Beast in an attempt to send it back through the Ultra Wormhole, but failed. However, after the Shiny Tapu Koko intervened, Ash and Dia were able to activate their Z-Rings and had Pikachu and Zeraora perform a double Gigavolt Havoc to successfully push Guzzlord into the wormhole. Afterwards, Pikachu and Zeraora had one more battle in order to create another dimensional rift, which took Pikachu and Ash back home.
[[File:Ash Pikachu Alola Cap.png|thumb|250px|Pikachu wearing [[Ash's hat]] before performing {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}]]
In ''[[SM109|A Grand Debut!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in his [[Poni Island]] grand trial against [[Hapu]], where he went up against her {{p|Mudsdale}}. Due to the type disadvantage and Mudsdale's {{a|Stamina}} Ability, Pikachu initially struggled to inflict damage on his opponent. Soon, the battle turned to Pikachu's favor when one of the battlefield's pillars crashed into the ocean, splashing Musdale with seawater and inducing the effects of {{m|Soak}}. This allowed Pikachu to knock the Draft Horse Pokémon out with Gigavolt Havoc. Afterwards, Hapu offered Ash a choice of type-specific Z-Crystals; Pikachu opted for a [[Steelium Z]], which Hapu awarded to Ash for his victory.
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