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Pokémon battle

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A Horde Encounter is a kind of battle introduced in [[Generation VI]] in which a single player's Pokémon will battle against five [[Wild Pokémon]] that are usually of the same species, but there may be a single Pokémon of a similar or counterpart species, such as {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}}. In this battle, the Pokémon used by the player will act as if it was in the center of a [[Triple Battle]], but with all other Pokémon being considered enemies rather than some being allies. Also, there is no limit of range, meaning that any Pokémon may hit another that is non-adjacent of it.
The Pokémon found in horde battles are normally at half of the level of this same Pokémon when find alone in the area, or are a lower [[evolution]]ary stage of the most common Pokémon. Horde Encounters can be forced by [[Honey]] and [[{{m|Sweet Scent]]}} if the weather is clear.
===Sky Battle===

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