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As his semi-finalssemifinals match against {{an|Gladion}} approaches, {{an|Kiawe}} takes on {{Ash}} in a training {{pkmn|battle}}. [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] strikes {{AP|Torracat}} with a {{m|Dragon Tail}}., while Torracat repliesresponds with a {{m|Revenge}} attack,that pushingpushes Turtonator back. The boys end their training session after Torracat's {{m|Fire Blast}} collides with Turtonator's {{m|Flamethrower}}. EveryoneLater, isthe lookinggroup forwardgoes to Kiawe'sthe battle.docks {{an|Lillie}}to admitsmeet sheup will cheer for her brother, and Kiawe admits that there is nothing better than an older brother having his little sister's support. {{an|Mallow}} is then reminded that they are meeting upwith Kiawe's sister [[Mimo]]. They go down to the docks, but Mimofind she is nowhere in sight. Kiawe starts panicking, but Mallow urges him to calm down, {{an|Sophocles}}, having spoken to the concierge, informs Kiawe that the boat arrived 30 minutes earlier. So Kiawe rushes over to the [[Manalo Stadium]], suspecting Mimo went there.
Meanwhile, Mimo is lost as she wonders atop of the stadium, when she spots {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}} trio [[Tupp]], [[Rapp]] and [[Zipp]] graffitiing the pavement. She orders them to stop, but the grunts decide to send out their Pokémon to deal with her. As they prepare to attack, [[Gladion's Silvally]] steps in and lashes the grunt’s Pokémon with an {{m|Air Slash}}. Gladion orders thee trio to scram. Tupp, however, refuses to back down until Gladion’s intimidating glare proves too much and the grunts leave. Gladion [[recall]]s Silvally to its [[Premier Ball]]. Mimo introduces herself, explaining that she hopes to see brother battle today. Gladion realizes Mimo is Kiawe's younger sister and escorts her to the stadium. Mimo grabs a hold of Gladion’s hand, causing Gladion to remember his own sister, Lillie, though he brushes the thought off. On their way, Kiawe rushes to hug his sister, overjoyed to see that she is fine. He then realizes Gladion is standing there, and Mimo clarifies that Gladion saved her from Team Skull. Kiawe thanks him, though Gladion replies that it was nothing. Lillie and the others suddenly arrive and are relieved to see Mimo is fine. Mimo apologizes for making them worry, though Kiawe remind her that next she should wait till he arrives. Gladion decides to make a move, and Kiawe replies that he will see him at the match. Mimo is left puzzled, and she is then shocked to learn that her big brother is facing Gladion. Kiawe assures Mimo that everything will be fine, declaring that with her support he will be unbeatable. Mimo, however, has her doubts.

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