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Ash's Pikachu

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In [[SM142]], Ash chose to use Pikachu to battle Professor Kukui's {{p|Empoleon}} during Ash's {{wp|exhibition game|exhibition match}} against him. While the two Pokémon seemed to be on equal footing for a while, Pikachu was eventually caught up in Empoleon's {{m|Whirlpool}}, causing him to get dizzy. To save Pikachu from being defeated, Ash then withdrew him from the battle and sent out Melmetal to replace him.
In [[SM144]], Ash sent Pikachu back into the battle as his final Pokémon to face Tapu Koko, who had taken the place of Kukui's sixth Pokémon in the match. The two Electric types exchanged attack after attack, with both of them managing to land powerful hits on one another. At one point, Tapu Koko motioned to Kukui that it wanted to perform a Z-Move with him, and when Kukui explained that he had [[SM143|already used up his Z-Move]] with his {{TP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}}, Tapu Koko summoned its fellow deities to the stadium. Together, they restored Ash and Kukui's Z-Power, giving both of them a chance to use another Z-Move. Tapu Koko then handed Kukui a [[Tapunium Z]], and it and Kukui started performing {{m|Guardian of Alola}}. During this, Ash's Electrium Z once again transformed into a Pikashunium Z, so he and Pikachu chose to counter Tapu Koko's Z-Move with 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt. The two signature Z-Moves clashed, with Pikachu's attack eventually overpowering Tapu Koko, defeating it and making Ash the winner of the exhibition match. Afterwards, Pikachu was restored to full health by {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Lele}}'s scales.
==Personality and characteristics==
* Pikachu was the first of Ash's Pokémon to habitually disobey him. Other Pokémon that would do so, and are better remembered for their disobedience than Pikachu, are {{AP|Primeape}} and {{AP|Charizard}}.
* Pikachu is the second Pokémon in the entire {{pkmn|anime}} series to have managed to defeat a [[Legendary Pokémon]], which he did by defeating {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}'s {{DL|Brandon's Legendary titans|Regice}} in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]''.
** Pikachu has also defeated more [[Legendary Pokémon]] than any other Pokémon in the anime, with a total of threefour: Brandon's {{p|Regice}} in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', {{si|Tobias}}'s {{p|Latios}} in ''[[DP189|The Semi-Final Frontier!]]'' (though in that case, it was a draw, as Pikachu knocked himself out in the process), and [[Gladion's Silvally]] in [[SM138]], and {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Koko}} in [[SM144]].
* In ''[[DP142|Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!]]'', it was officially confirmed that Pikachu is [[gender|male]], as a female {{p|Togepi}}'s {{m|Attract}} affected him. His physical appearance could not be used as proof, since [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|gender differences]] were not implemented until after he had debuted in the anime.
** Pikachu's [[gender]] had already been assumed male in the dub, where male pronouns such as "he" were used to refer to Pikachu. To a lesser extent, his gender was also previously implied in the Japanese versions, specifically in ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]'' (where he used masculine pronouns), ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'' (Pikachu was shown when the narrator said that males had to carry packages), and in ''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]'', where Brock referred to Ash and Pikachu as being "those guys" when touched by their loyalty.

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