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As the first round of the [[Manalo Conference]] is about to begin, {{Ash}} and {{an|Faba}} are the first pair of {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to face each other. [[Jīkyō]] mentions how Ash has cleared all four [[island challenge|grand trials]], while Faba is one of [[Aether Paradise]]'s elite and a {{type|Psychic}} [[type expert|user]]. [[Hala]], [[battle judge|refereeing]] the match, asks both Trainers to send out their Pokémon, and Faba sends out his {{p|Hypno}}, while Ash chooses {{AP|Pikachu}}. However, before Pikachu can leap down from Ash's shoulder, Faba secretly has Hypno use {{m|Psychic}} to pick one of the {{i|Poké Ball}}s on Ash's belt and drop it on the field, causing {{AP|Meltan}} to come out, much to Ash's surprise. However, upon seeing that Meltan likes the crowd's attention and wants to battle, he decides to use it instead of Pikachu.
[[File:SM130 Ash VS Faba.png|thumb|left|250px|Ash facing Faba]]
As Jīkyō informs the crowd that Meltan is a newly discovered {{OBP|Pokémon|species|species}} of Pokémon, Faba flashes back toremembers the previous night, when he secretly spied upon Ash's [[party|team]] to determine which Pokémon in it was the weakest. Settling on Meltan, he resolved to bring it out, wanting to make sure he would get to battle {{an|Professor Kukui|the Masked Royal}}. {{ashcl|Ash's classmates}}, thinking Ash chose Meltan on purpose, are wondering if he has a plan for it. Jīkyō explains that the first round consists of one-on-one {{pkmn|battle|Single Battles}} before Hala officially starts the match. Meltan attacks with {{m|Flash Cannon}}, but Hypno avoids it. Meltan tries again with {{m|Headbutt}}, which is blocked by Hypno's {{m|Reflect}}. Unaware of Meltan noticing Hypno's pendulum, Faba has Hypno use {{m|Hypnosis}}. Ash tells Meltan not to look, but instead, it leaps forward and happily latches onto Hypno's pendulum. Hypno stops attacking and furiously tries to shake Meltan off, but by the time that happens, Meltan has already melted a part of the pendulum away, much to the shock of both Faba and Ash. Upon recovering from the shockThen, Ash has Meltan attack with Flash Cannon, which hits the dismayed Hypno head-on, defeating it and giving Ash the victory. Faba tries to protest, but Hala says Meltan simply made use of its natural abilities, making the move perfectly legal. Upon exiting the battlefield, Ash encounters [[Ilima]], who congratulates him on his victory before heading out for his own battle.
The second pair of Trainers, Ilima and [[Guzma]], enter the battlefield, with Ilima's fan-girls cheering for him. Jīkyō points out that Ilima has competed in the [[Kalos League]], making him a favorite to win the tournament. He also introduces Guzma, who, while unknown compared to Ilima, managed to clear the preliminary round without taking a single hit. In the crowd, [[Tupp]] is annoyed at Ilima and leads his fellow {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s into a cheer for Guzma.
* This episode was the first to air in Japan after the theatrical release of [[M22]].
* [[Nanu]] and [[Acerola]] narrate the preview of the [[SM131|next episode]].
<!--* This is the first episode to air in {{pmin|the United States}} after the release of [[Pokémon Sword and Shield]].-->

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