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In the anime: replaced: SS011 → HS11, SS017 → HS17
Three episodes have featured baseball as a major theme:
* The introduction of Casey in ''[[EP118|The Double Trouble Header]]'' contained many baseball references. Aside from the title itself, Team Rocket had a baseball-themed motto and the final confrontation took place on a baseball field.
* In ''[[SS011HS11|A Date with Delcatty]]'', [[Georgio]] wanted to go on a date with {{an|Misty}} to the Starmie-Electabuzz game at the Cerulean Marine Stadium.
* Casey managed to help her team in ''[[SS017HS17|Those Darn Electabuzz!]]'' by helping their star pitcher regain his confidence.
Other episodes with Casey have had a more minor mention of baseball, usually through her singing the Electabuzz song.

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