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In ''[[PASM14|Flash and Cosmog's Secret]]'', [[Professor Burnet]] accidentally caused Lillie to recall painful memories of a traumatic experience caused by her mother [[Lusamine]]. Lillie's distress caused Nebby to fly out of her bag and begin clawing at the sky, nearly creating an Ultra Wormhole. After Lillie fainted, Nebby stopped and went down to check on her out of concern.
In [[PASM17]], after {{adv|Sun}} completed his second trial at the {{OBP|Thrifty Megamart|Abandoned Site}}, he thanked the [[{{adv|Rotom Pokédex]]}} for its help in the battle where it gave information about {{p|Tapu Bulu}}. To Sun and Lillie's surprised, Rotom revealed it learned about Tapu Bulu from Nebby. Hoping that Rotom could translate Nebby's speech and speed up his job to deliver [[Mirage Berry|Mirage Berries]] to each of Alola's [[guardian deities]], Sun tried to get Nebby to come out. To their shock, Nebby emerged from Lillie's bag in the form of the motionless, cocoon-like {{p|Cosmoem}}.
Later, after arriving on [[Poni Island]], Lillie and [[Gladion]] took Nebby with them as they traveled to the [[Poni Altar]]. A {{p|Xurkitree}} attacked the duo as they passed through [[Poni Wilds]], forcing Gladion to battle it with {{TP|Gladion|Silvally}}. During the clash, Nebby flew out of Gladion's grasp and into the air where it reunited with its fellow Cosmog, who had also evolved into Cosmoem. The two Protostar Pokémon flew towards the Altar. Upon arriving, the guardian deities took Sun and Moon and placed them on the Altar with the [[Sun Flute|Sun]] and [[Moon Flute]]s. By playing the flutes together, Sun and Moon caused the Altar to react and release a light that hit both Cosmoem.

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