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Ash's Pikachu

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In the games
==In the games==
{{main|Red's Pikachu (game)}}
In the main series, {{ga|Red's Pikachu}} is noticeably based on Ash's Pikachu: not only does {{ga|Red}} receive it from [[Professor Oak]] after his rival, Oak's grandson, takes the last [[starter Pokémon]] in {{game|Yellow}}, but it [[walking Pokémon|follows Red around]] rather than being kept in a Poké Ball. In [[Generation II]] and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, Pikachu is the highest-leveled member of Red's team when he is encountered at [[Mt. Silver]], and the highest leveled Pokémon owned by a Trainer in the entire series excluding battle arenas. His moves, notably in HeartGold and SoulSilver, are the four moves most used by Ash's Pikachu at the time of the games' release. Pikachu was one of {{Ash}}'s three Pokémon in {{g|Puzzle League}}. The Pikachu in the Super Smash Bros. series may be based on Ash's Pikachu.
===In the side series===
====In [[Pokémon Puzzle League]]====
Pikachu was one of {{Ash}}'s three Pokémon in {{g|Puzzle League}}.
===Event distributions===

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