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In ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', Acerola greeted Ash and his classmates when they arrived at the [[Manalo Stadium]]. She was revealed to be among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. She competed with her {{p|Shuppet}}, and was ultimately among the 16 Trainers still standing in the end. The match-ups for the next round revealed that she would be battling {{an|Kiawe}}.
In ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', Acerola went up against Kiawe, using Greedy Rapooh against [[Kiawe's Marowak]]. She ended up losing when Marowak retrieved its bone from Greedy Rapooh and knocked it out. In [[SM135]] and [[SM136]], she watched the battle between Kiawe and {{an|Gladion}} in the stands. In [[SM137]], she was also seen spectating the battle between Ash and [[Guzma]].
In [[SM139]], Acerola attended the award ceremony for the winner, only for it to be interrupted when a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Manalo Stadium Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} arrived at the stadium through an [[Ultra Wormhole]].
In ''[[SM090|Securing the Future!]]'', Gengar joined the rest of Alola in showering {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Necrozma}} with light so it could return to its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|true form}}.
In ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', Acerola was revealed to have caught Gengar, using it in her battle against {{an|Kiawe}} during the [[Manalo Conference]]. However, it was eventually defeated by [[Kiawe's Marowak]].
Greedy Rapooh's known moves are {{m|Shadow Ball}}, {{m|Shadow Punch}}, and {{m|Thief}}, and its [[Ability]] is {{a|Cursed Body}}.}}
====Pokémon League====
Acerola has competed in the following [[Pokémon League Conference]]s:
* [[Manalo Conference]] - Top 16 (''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'')
====Voice actors====

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