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Ash's Rowlet

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In the anime
In ''[[SM118|Aiming for the Top Floor!]]'', Ash decided to use Rowlet during his battle against [[Ryuki]] at the [[Kantonian Gym]], intending to use Rowlet's laid-back nature to prevent it from getting distracted by Ryuki's music, which had gotten [[Kiawe's Marowak]] defeated shortly earlier. Although the strategy worked, Rowlet was soon caught by Ryuki's {{p|Zweilous}}'s {{m|Bite}}. Seeing its friend in trouble, Meltan angrily retaliated by eating away some of the decorations on Ryuki's suit. Ryuki then changed the battle into a [[Double Battle]], with Ash using Rowlet and Meltan against Ryuki's Zweilous and {{p|Druddigon}}. Due to its slow movements, Meltan was unable to dodge Druddigon's {{m|Dragon Claw}}s and was forced to try to protect itself with {{m|Harden}}. As Meltan's endurance was running low, Rowlet's {{m|Peck}} suddenly evolved into {{m|Brave Bird}}, allowing it to save Meltan from being defeated. Rowlet and Meltan then launched a combination attack at Zweilous and Druddigon, defeating them and winning the battle for Ash.
In ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', Ash chose to use Rowlet in his upcoming battle against Hau and his {{p|Decidueye}}. Upon learning this, Rowlet flew into the sky and approached a wild {{p|Wingull}}, asking it to bring its foster family to the [[Manalo Stadium]].
In ''[[SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!]]'', Ash and Rowlet were training for their battle when its family arrived at the stadium. Toucannon and Trumbeak demonstrated to Rowlet how to use the move {{m|Feather Dance}}. Rowlet attempted to master it afterwards, but before it could do so, the battle was already about to begin. Trumbeak and the Pikipek returned with a cloak resembling Decidueye, prompting Lana to refer to Rowlet as (Japanese '''ジュナクロー''' ''Junakroh'') and the battle started. Ash and Rowlet attempted to attack Decidueye with Bloom Doom, but Decidueye was able to dodge it before trapping Rowlet with {{m|Spirit Shackle}}. This nearly left Rowlet unable to avoid {{m|Sinister Arrow Raid}}, but it barely avoided the attack by making it hit its cloak instead.
The match continued in [[SM133|the next episode]], with Rowlet enduring a series of powerful {{m|Leaf Blade}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}} attacks. Ash had Rowlet retaliate with {{m|Brave Bird}}, which Decidueye intercepted with {{m|Sky Attack}}. When the smoke cleared, Decidueye eventually got back on its feet while Rowlet lay face-down on the ground. However, just as Nanu was about to award the victory to Hau, Hala quickly realized that Rowlet was sleeping instead and allowed the match to continue. After being hit by Spirit Shackle, Rowlet was able to master Feather Dance while avoiding Sky Attack, molting the entirety of its surface plumage. Afterwards, it knocked Decidueye out with Brave Bird, winning the match.
[[File:Rowlet Decidueye Rivalry.png|thumb|left|250px|Rowlet's rivalry with Decidueye]]
Rowlet started to take a more serious approach to battling after its loss to [[Hau]]'s {{p|Dartrix}} in ''[[SM097|No Stone Unturned!]]''. This can be seen when it kept attacking the Substitute Doll, and when it even visited its old foster family for some training. Unlike other Pokémon in the anime who have prevented themselves from evolving, like Ash's Pikachu or [[Dawn's Piplup]], Rowlet doesn't seem uninterested or afraid of [[evolution]], but decided it liked the [[Everstone]] it picked up after it allowed it to perform {{m|Seed Bomb}}. Since the battle, Rowlet has developed a rivalry with {{p|Decidueye}}. While the rivalry is normally friendly, they are extremely competitive, as seen in ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', when Rowlet and Decidueye interacted aggressively and passionately with each other upon learning that they would be battling each other in the [[Manalo Conference]].
Starting in ''[[SM111|Show Me the Metal!]]'', Rowlet formed a close friendship with a {{p|Meltan}}. When Meltan's nut head fell off of its body, Rowlet flew to catch it, saving it from a {{p|Murkrow}}. This was seen again in the [[SM112|next episode]], where it tried to substitute its lost nut head for many objects. Rowlet's protectiveness of Meltan saw it take {{MTR}}'s {{m|Fury Swipes}} in the place of the Hex Nut Pokémon, causing Rowlet's back to become badly damaged. However, Rowlet often has to prevent Meltan from causing damage, such as in ''[[SM116|The Secret Princess!]]'', where it prevented Meltan from eating a frying pan. Rowlet was asleep during Meltan's evolution into {{AP|Melmetal}} in [[SM138]], but it instantly recognized its friend upon waking up, congratulating it and finding a nice place to rest inside the hole in its stomach.
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