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Pokémon (species)

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In the games
==In the games==
[[File:Pseudo Legendary Late Bloomers.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Several [[pseudo-legendary Pokémon]] that are part of an evolutionary chain]]
Pokémon have been, from the very beginning, spoken of as friends and partners to the [[human]]s of the [[Pokémon world]], helping them with various tasks from constructing buildings to exploration. Many people in the Pokémon world take Pokémon with them on a {{pkmn|journey}} to gather [[Badge]]s and compete in the various [[Pokémon League]]s as {{pkmn|Trainer}}s, using them in battles against Pokémon both owned by other Trainers and found in the {{pkmn2|wild}}. In the [[Alola]] [[region]], Pokémon and Trainers instead take on trials in the [[island challenge]] on their journey. In addition, there are many different {{cat|Pokémon competitions|tournaments}} in which Trainers can compete together with their Pokémon, such as [[Pokémon Contest]]s and the [[Pokéathlon]].

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