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Clawitzer (Pokémon)

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Clawitzer is a crustacean Pokémon that resembles a bright blue {{wp|shrimp}}. Its body is divided into several segments by black ridges and there are three small spikes behind its head. It has semicircular, yellow eyes, a black stripe across its face, and three pointed {{wp|Mandible (arthropod mouthpart)|mandibles}}. Its tail consists of three rectangular fins: two black ones and one bright blue one. It lacks legs, but has two clawed arms. The left claw is smaller and is dark blue with a black stripe along the back and a yellow tip. The right claw is a pincer larger thatthan Clawitzer's body. The pincer is dark blue with a pair of thin, yellow antennae on top, three overlapping segments with a black stripe along the back edge, and four black spikes attached to the back of the last segment. The movable lower portion of the pincer is yellow.
Clawitzer's massive claw can suck up water and launch compressed cannonballs capable of piercing tanker hulls Water can also be expelled from the nozzle on the back, which allows it to travel at speeds up to 60 knots. Its massive claw is packed with meat, which can be used as a cooking ingredient.

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