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Rotom Pokédex

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In the manga
By the time Moon arrived in [[Ultra Space]], Rotom had rejoined her. Using the powers of the Pokédex, it was able to sense a {{p|Lunala}}, who would be able to take them all back to their world. Upon finding it, they discovered the [[Ultra Recon Squad]] members [[Zossie]] and [[Dulse]] riding it.
<!--PASM33-->After Moon exited Ultra Space, Rotom andwas theseparated restfrom ofher Moon'sonce team were stolen byagain. <!--[[FabaPASM35]]-->It appeared during the fight between Ultra Necrozma and stored{{adv|Zygarde}}, atinforming [[AetherSun Paradise]]on what was needed to defeat the Prism Pokémon. Despite this, inZygarde Secretended Labup Blosing.
==In the TCG==

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