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Pokémon battle

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Full Battle
===Full Battle===
[[File:SinnohAlola League Scoreboard.png|thumb|220px|Scoreboard for a Full Battle]]
{{main|Full Battle}}
A Full Battle, also known as a six-on-six battle, is a battle variant in which both {{pkmn|Trainer}}s use a full [[party]] of six Pokémon. The first Trainer to completely [[Fainting|knock out]] all of the opposing Trainer's Pokémon wins.
These battles are very rare in the games. Generally only the {{player}}'s [[rival]] and the [[region]]al {{pkmn|Champion}} will have a full team during the main storyline, while [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Elite Four]] members may also have a full team in [[rematch]]es. In the anime, Full Battles are conducted in the last few rounds of [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, but Trainers can challenge one another to a Full Battle any time, although this is rare.
===Double Battle===
[[File:Double Battle VI.png|thumb|220px|A Double Battle]]

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