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Trevor's Charizard

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[[File:Trevor Charmander.png|thumb|left|250px|As a Charmander]]
[[File:Trevor Charmeleon.png|thumb|left|250px|As a Charmeleon]]
Trevor received Charizard as a Charmander for his [[Starterstarter Pokémon]] from {{an|Professor Sycamore}} prior to ''[[XY039|Summer of Discovery!]]''.
Charmander made its proper debutdebuted in ''Summer of Discovery!'', where it ran downstairs and greeted {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} along with their Pokémon. Charmander had a First-Touch Battle with [[Clemont's Chespin]]. It won after accidentally catching Chespin's tail on fire.
In ''[[XY040|Day Three Blockbusters!]]'', Charmander starred in a [[Pokévision]] video along with its Trainer, {{an|Tierno}}, {{an|Shauna}}, and their Pokémon.
Charmeleon reappeared in ''[[XY090|Tag Team Battle Inspiration!]]'' alongside its Trainer, while he took a picture of a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Lairon}}.
It reappeared inIn ''[[XY125|A League of His Own!]]'', where itCharmelon was revealed to have evolved into a Charizard. It was used to battle [[Alain's Charizard]] in the first round of the [[Lumiose Conference]]. Trevor's Charizard opened with {{m|Fire Spin}}, which Alain's Charizard dodged by flying in the sky. Alain's Charizard then retaliated with {{m|Flamethrower}}, with Trevor's Charizard blocking the attack with {{m|Dragon Claw}}. Trevor then revealed his [[Key Stone]] and [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]] his Charizard into Mega Charizard Y. Upon Mega Evolving, Mega Charizard Y's {{a|Drought}} [[Ability]] activated, creating [[harsh sunlight]] and powering up all of its {{type|Fire}} moves. Trevor's Mega Charizard Y then attacked with {{m|Heat Wave}}, but Alain's Charizard was able to block it, creating a water shield by slamming its tail into the nearby stream. Trevor's Pokémon then flew up to attack with a {{m|Dragon Tail}}, but Alain's Charizard dodged the attack. Alain's Charizard then Mega Evolved as well and countered a Fire Spin with Flamethrower, creating a cloud of smoke. Trevor had his Charizard fly into the sky, but Alain's was able to spot it through the smoke and defeated it with a single hit from Flamethrower.
It reappeared inIn ''[[XY132|A Towering Takeover!]]'', where itCharizard and Trevor joined the fight against [[Team Flare]]. It was later seen at the [[Pokémon Center]], helping the citizens of [[Lumiose City]]. It was also seen watching the battle against the [[Giant Rock]] unfold on television in ''[[XY135|Rocking Kalos Defenses!]]'' and ''[[XY136|Forming a More Perfect Union!]]''.
ItCharizard appeared again in ''[[XY140|Till We Compete Again!]]'', during a flashback as a Charmeleon.
==Personality and characteristics==

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