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Pokémon breeding in the anime focuses heavily on raising happy and healthy Pokémon and keeping them in top condition by {{pkmn|groomer|grooming}} them well and feeding them nutritious {{pkmn|food}}. When preparing Pokémon food, Breeders will carefully select ingredients to ensure that the Pokémon will consume all it needs to grow stronger and healthier.
Breeders are shown to have knowledge on how to treat Pokémon [[Illness in the Pokémon illnessworld|illnesses]]es and injuries by administering [[Potion]]s and other medicine. Some Breeders will use a {{wp|mortar and pestle}} to crush and grind herbs to produce [[herbal medicine]]. They also know which {{Berries}} can be used to cure Pokémon from [[status condition]]s.
It has been shown that [[Pokémon Professor]]s get their [[starter Pokémon]] from Breeders who specifically raise and breed them, like [[Old Man Swamp]] from ''[[AG025|A Mudkip Mission]]''. There are also a few farm-like facilities that produce Pokémon Eggs of various species. Both {{Ash}} and {{an|May}} have obtained Eggs from such locations.

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