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** This is also the first dub episode to have Giovanni speaking normally and not through a voice filter.
* If going by the number of episodes spent in each region, this is the quickest that Ash has ever earned eight Gym Badges. By this point in [[Johto]], Ash is in the process of obtaining his fourth Badge; in [[Hoenn]], he has four Badges; in [[Sinnoh]], he only has two Badges; in [[Unova]], he has five Badges; and in [[Kalos]], he has four Badges. Also, the [[Orange Archipelago]] only had four Badges.
* The book ''[[Team Rocket Blasts Off!]]'' is partially based on this episode.
* Both times Gary's Nidoking is shown, his cry is actually a stock sound effect, not that of a Pokémon.
** Later in the episode, Rhydon uses exactly the same cry as Nidoking.

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