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Ash's Lycanroc

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Under Professor Kukui's care
====Under Professor Kukui's care====
[[File:Ash Rockruff.png|thumb|left|250px|As a Rockruff]]
Lycanroc, as a Rockruff, was a [[wild Pokémon]] that one day stumbled across {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s house one day. It was starving and left confused from another Pokémon's {{m|Teeter Dance}}. Professor Kukui gave it some [[Pokémon food]], which made Rockruff decide to stay at Kukui's house. From then on, Rockruff lived with Kukui, although he never {{pkmn2|caught}} it in a [[Poké Ball]].
Rockruff first appeared in ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', where it had dinner and played with Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}}. It was later seen the following day with Professor Kukui, watching the welcoming party {{ashcl|Ash's classmates}} had prepared for him. Kukui had planned to battle Ash and Pikachu with Rockruff, but the party was interrupted by {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Koko}}, who challenged Ash to a battle instead.

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