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Oranguru (anime)

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|current=[[Oranguru's Caféplace]]
|java1=[[Unshō Ishizuka]] <small>([[SM039]]-[[SM087]])</small>
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'''Oranguru''' (Japanese: '''ヤレユータン''' ''Yareyuutan'') is a [[Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|recurring Pokémon character]] in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. It runs [[Oranguru's Caféplace|a café]] in the forest near [[Aina's Kitchen]] where people and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} come to visit for drinks.
In the past, Oranguru helped [[Abe]] when he got lost in the forest. After tasting Oranguru's [[Pinap Berry|Pinap Juice]], Abe got inspired to put the juice on Aina's Kitchen's menu. Rumors of Oranguru and its juice soon spread throughout [[Melemele Island]], causing people to begin visiting the Sage Pokémon, eventually resulting in the creation of [[Oranguru's Caféplace|its café]].
Oranguru first appeared in ''[[SM039|Mallow and the Forest Teacher!]]'', where it took care of {{an|Mallow}}, who had fallen down a slope. In the same fashion as with her father, it served Mallow its Pinap Juice and listened to her recent problems with Abe. The two soon heard the screams of [[Mallow's Steenee]], who had been captured by {{TRT}}. Through the use of {{m|Instruct}}, Oranguru was able to free Steenee. After Team Rocket was taken away by {{an|Bewear}}, {{Ash}}, {{ashcl}}, and Abe arrived at Oranguru's bar and reunited with Mallow. After reuniting with its student, Oranguru urged Abe to apologize to his daughter. It was later seen serving [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Officer Jenny]] inside its bar.
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