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Trivia: This sentence is just speculation anyway. Could be that they forgot or they were recreating the scene 1:1
* {{Ash}} and {{an|Iris}} narrate the preview for the [[BW131|next episode]]
* As of this episode, all of Ash's original six Pokémon ({{AP|Pikachu}}, {{AP|Butterfree}}, {{AP|Pidgeot}}, {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, {{AP|Charizard}}, and {{AP|Squirtle}}) have appeared in the {{series|Best Wishes}}, either in flashbacks or in person.
* While gender differences for Pokémon which debuted before [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|the introduction of these differences]] have been acknowledged in the anime, this is not true for the Butterfree in this episode, all of which — including the [[Pink Butterfree]], confirmed to be female — [[Gender difference#Generation I Pokémon|have no purple spots on their wings]] and thus appear to be male. This indicates that they may have forgotten to edit the scenes, since gender differences hadn't been added yet..

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