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Pokémon controversy

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Perceived Nazi imagery: Doesn't seem to belong here. If I'm mistaken, please do revert me.
==In the TCG==
===Perceived Nazi imagery===
Members of the Jewish community accused [[Nintendo]] of using an offensive image in the Japanese version of {{TCG ID|Gym Challenge|Koga's Ninja Trick|115}}. The image in question, features an omote manji, a left-facing version of the {{wp|swastika}}.
The Western world generally associates the swastika with the {{wp|fascism|fascist}} and {{wp|racism|racist}} policies of {{wp|Nazi Germany}} during the course of {{wp|World War II}}, as well as hate, prejudice and {{wp|white supremacy}} in general. However, the swastika has its roots as a symbol of peace and good luck by many cultures. The earliest form of the swastika discovered was one used in Ancient India. It also was found in cultures that had no connection with India, such as Native American and First Nation cultures. It was because of its long and ancient history that {{wp|Adolf Hitler}} adopted it as the Nazi Party symbol, as he felt it to be—among other things—a connection to Aryan ancestors who lived in Ancient India.

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